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Discover the power of advanced body contouring treatments!

Body transformation begins with an informed decision about the most effective treatments that contribute to reducing measurements, losing weight, and tightening the skin.

Whether you want to sculpt your figure, tighten imperfect areas, or soon wear a smaller dress size, customized treatments in our clinic use the latest technology to achieve the desired results.

No starvation and no strenuous workouts!

Sometimes, intensive training and refraining from your favorite food isn’t enough. Even if you are in top shape, fat pads, cellulite, and loose skin can still be prominent. Treatments are there to support your process of achieving a look that exudes confidence and satisfaction!

Who are the candidates for body contouring?

The aspiration for an ideal figure has always existed. Today, we have the opportunity to offer our patients well-recognized and familiar treatments that shape the body in an easy and quick way. Without surgery, pain, or recovery time—it is possible to bring your body to perfection!

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a “magic solution” for a few extra pounds, for cellulite that you couldn’t eliminate with home care, or for loose skin after childbirth, we want to tell you that solutions exist and they will always be tailored to your unique needs and demands.

It is very difficult, even stressful, to keep up with all the new trends in exercise, healthy eating, and living a life without stress. Everything that happens within us reflects on our body and beauty.

That’s why it’s important to always have a choice—our doctors are at your disposal with individual diet plans, health advice, and revolutionary treatments that will help you look and feel just the way you deserve.

Najbolji tretmani za zatezanje tela

Choose the best treatments for your body!

Alma PrimeX for ultimate body contouring

Alma PrimeX is the most popular body contouring device. It reduces excess fat, tightens the skin, and affects cellulite. In just one month, the expected results are up to 9 cm less in circumference!

Alma PrimeX promotes reshaping of the abdomen, thighs, and waist. It also acts on fat deposits and cellulite. Two powerful technologies—radiofrequency and ultrasound technology—directly melt fats, stubborn cellulite under the skin, and stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin, resulting in tightened skin.

Alma PrimeX is ideal for:

  • Contouring and reshaping the body,
  • Direct impact on cellulite and circumference reduction,
  • Tightening loose skin.

Emsculpt for muscle toning and fat melting

Emsculpt has a triple action—it burns fat, strengthens muscles, and sculpts the figure! It is a platform that replaces intensive workouts, and in a 30-minute treatment, it results in 28,000 muscle contractions.

Emsculpt affects muscle strengthening and proper building. One Emsculpt session replaces as many as 16 HIIT workouts. The treatment melts fat deposits, which are automatically expelled from the body.

It is suitable for various regions and provides lasting results, especially for patients struggling with excess weight, particularly mothers dealing with diastasis recti who want to regain their old figure.

Emsculpt is ideal for:

  • Muscle building,
  • Melting localized fat deposits,
  • Combining with regular workouts.

Shockwave against cellulite

Shockwave therapy is known in sports medicine and operates via shock waves. In this way, energy is delivered to the fat deposits and breaks them down, while also renewing subcutaneous tissue. The treatment aids in oxygen flow and better blood circulation. Fats are then quickly broken down and expelled from the body + new collagen is formed, which further affects the appearance of cellulite.

Combination treatments for cellulite removal

Shockwave combines excellently with the EMS device, which simulates training through electrostimulation. EMS aids in melting fat and shaping muscles. Alongside Shockwave and EMS, pressotherapy is the third factor in combating body imperfections. Stimulation of the lymphatic system will help expel toxins and fluids, thereby relieving unpleasant swelling. A 3-in-1 cellulite treatment is ideal as an addition to Alma PrimeX!

This combination of 3 treatments is ideal for:

  • Stubborn cellulite,
  • Shaping critical regions,
  • Detoxing the body.
Shockwave tretman celulit

Morpheus 8 for skin tightening

Morpheus 8 is one of the most popular treatments in our clinic for non-invasive face and body tightening. The treatment combines microneedles with radiofrequency energy, for optimal results.

It can be used on the abdomen, above the knees, on the forearms, and the outer thighs. It is most commonly used to reduce fat on the face (double chin) and also affects the reduction of scars, stretch marks, fine lines, and wrinkles. It improves skin quality and tightens it, making it look rejuvenated.

Morpheus 8 is ideal for:

  • Reducing fat deposits in the chin area,
  • Enhancing skin tone and quality,
  • Rejuvenating and tightening facial and body skin.
Morpheus 8 uklanjanje viška sa stomaka

Attiva for skin tightening and fat reduction

Attiva uses advanced “Subdermal Induced Heat” technology for targeted skin tightening, particularly effective on areas like the abdomen and knees. This treatment safely heats deep layers of skin, stimulating contraction and regeneration of collagen fibers, resulting in a significant improvement in skin elasticity and structure.

Attiva is ideal for:

  • Tightening and rejuvenating skin on the abdomen and knees,
  • Reducing localized fat deposits,
  • Improving skin texture and tone.

Attiva offers fast and effective results, without the need for recovery and without the risk of scarring, making it the perfect choice for those seeking an effective and non-invasive solution for tight and smooth skin.

attiva zatezanje tela

Mesotherapy for cellulite

Mesococktails rejuvenate the skin and affect its regeneration, rejuvenating and tightening. Mesotherapy makes the skin soft and elastic from the outside, while it is nourished and renewed from the inside. Cellulite is eliminated, and what you will quickly notice is fewer centimeters in the treated region.

Mesotherapy is ideal for:

  • Renewing skin quality,
  • Tightening the skin,
  • Removing cellulite.
mezoterapija za celulit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest advantage of the Alma PrimeX treatment?

The biggest advantage is the rapid results, which are achieved within a month. The effectiveness of the treatment is proven, and it works best when the patient wants to tighten and shape the thighs, abdomen, and waist.

Is the treatment painful?

The Alma PrimeX body contouring treatment is completely safe and painless. There is no need for recovery, and patients can immediately return to their daily activities after the treatment.

Does it affect cellulite?

It is aimed at body shaping and losing inches, but it also effectively breaks down stubborn cellulite!

Best combination of treatments with Alma PrimeX

PrimeX can be combined with Emsculpt when there is a significant amount of weight to lose. In other cases, when cellulite is pronounced, it can be combined with mesotherapy or Shockwave therapy.

How many Emsculpt treatments are needed?

For best results, a series of treatments for one region is required (4 – 6 treatments).

Emsculpt and Alma PrimeX in combination

Alma PrimeX uses ultrasound and radio waves to effectively reduce fat deposits and firm the skin, targeting problematic areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. At the same time, Emsculpt enhances your musculature through intense electromagnetic contractions, which build muscles and improve skin tone.

The joint treatment of these two devices offers a complete transformation—fat reduction, muscle building, and skin tightening. Ideal for those who want visible and rapid results, without invasive procedures and a long recovery period!

Emsculpt and Shockwave therapy

This combination is ideal when cellulite is present in the treated region! After shaping the thighs and glutes with Emsculpt, the treatment proceeds to therapy that directly targets cellulite.

How much weight can be lost with Emsculpt?

How much weight you lose varies based on many factors, but what we have established so far is that it reduces 30% of fat deposits and increases muscle volume by 25%.
The body becomes stronger and tighter, and the muscles are toned.

Before and after


Cellulite has been troubling me for years, even though I am in good shape and have been involved in sports for years. I couldn't get rid of it either in salons or at home, so I opted for a combination of mesotherapy with pressotherapy. The feeling is incredible! I have finally freed myself from the biggest complex on my body.


I struggled with 5-8 kilograms of excess weight for months. I couldn't shed it at the gym, despite being a regular. What really helped me was the Alma PrimeX treatment, which affected both fat deposits and skin tightening. I lost 10 cm from my waist in less than two months. I feel really good in my skin!


I visited the IMedic clinic six months after giving birth and said, "I need a quick solution for my stomach!" I underwent a combination of Emsculpt and PrimeX treatments and I am thrilled with the results I achieved in just one month. Diastasis and loose skin on the abdomen don't have to be a long-term problem!


Price List

Alma PrimeX ultrasound or radio waves(Overview, measurement and diet plan. Small area 300 cm³.) 9.000
Alma PrimeX ultrasound or radio waves(Overview, measurement and diet plan. Large area 600 cm³.) 14.500
Alma PrimeX ultrasound and radio waves(Overview, measurement and diet plan. Small area 300 cm³) 17.500
Alma PrimeX ultrasound and radio waves(Overview, measurement and diet plan. Large area 600 cm³.) 30.000
Alma PrimeX Xctentuate radio waves for larger surfaces 12.000
Alma Primex discounts(50% discount on the second region when treating 2 regions during one session or week. 40% discount on a package of 6 treatments with ultrasound and radio waves. 20% discount on 6 treatments with one probe (ultrasound or radio waves). 20% discount on 4 treatments, regardless of the number of probes.)
With 1 Primex treatment free of charge 1 electrostimulation of the muscles of the treated area within the same treatment.
Emsculpt -1 treatment. Smaller area 17.500
Emsculpt -1 treatment. Abdomen/gluteus/ thighs 20.000
Emsculpt -6 treatments. Abdomen/gluteus/ thighs(4 installments) 105.000
Emsculpt & Alma Primex Xcentuate(5 treatments + 1 free of charge) 30.000
Shockwave therapy(Anticellulite, 1 treatment) 3.000
Shockwave therapy & EMS(Anticellulite, 1 treatment) 4.000
Shockwave therapy, EMS & presotherapy(Anticellulite, 1 treatment) 5.000
BTL lymphastim presotherapy(1 treatment) 2.500
BTL lymphastim presotherapy(10 treatments. Possible payment in 2 installments.) 22.500
Electrostimulation (EMS) 2.500
Mesotherapy cellulite 1 dose(1 dose: back of the thigh and buttock or front of the thigh or abdomen or upper arm) 8.000
Mesotherapy cellulite 2 doses(2 doses: Whole thighs front, back and buttocks) 12.000
Cellulite subcision with mesotherapy(per area) 20.000
Attiva - abdomen 52.000 – 72.000
Attiva radiotalasi - knees 48.000
Doctor’s examination, measurement on the scale and diet recommendation(measurement of body mass, BMI-index, percentage of fat, muscle percentage, visceral fat) 4.000
Examination by a doctor, measurement on the scale and diet recommendation for paid amounts greater than 8.500 free of charge
podizanje gluteusa embody

Special summer offer

ANTICELLULITE I- 8 Shockwave & 4 Attiva(back of the thighs & gluteus) 60.000 ( 3 installments)
ANTICELLULITE II- 8 Shockwave, 4 Attiva & +4 mesotherapy(back of the thighs & gluteus) 90.000 (4 installments)
ANTICELLULITE III- 10 Shockwave & 6 Alma Primex radiowaves(back of the thighs & gluteus) 85.000 (4 installments)
ANTICELLULITE IV- 10 Shockwave, 6 Alma Primex & 4 mesotherapy(back of the thighs & gluteus) 115.000 (4 installments)
6 Emsculpt & 4 Alma Primex (RF & UV)(Body contouring and muscle toning) 120.000 (4 installments)
6 Emsculpt & 6 Alma Primex Xcentuate(Body contouring and muscle toning) 100.000 (4 installments)

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